ConnectGroups meet during the week and are the primary means of adult discipleship at The Vine Church. The discipleship model of ConnectGroups reaches much farther back in Christian history, to the model of Jesus investing his life in 12 men. ConnectGroups at The Vine Church are designed to grow organically, mimicking the way God designed biological life. That’s why ConnectGroups are designed to multiply after reaching a critical mass of 16-20.  

Married and Single persons are welcome at all groups. Groups are organized by location, day, and subject as indicated on the chart link below. Childcare is determined by each group’s makeup. Some groups have childcare on site (up to 10 children). We will also reimburse you for bringing your own childcare to your home.

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Being a "host home" does not require you to lead or facilitate a ConnectGroup. It only requires you to open up your home for 1.5-2 hours a week as a safe, comfortable place for others to gather. We simply ask four things of you: Have a heart for people, open up a place to meet, serve something to drink, and be hospitable to those in your home.

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You don't have to be a Biblical scholar or a theologian to facilitate a ConnectGroup. You just need to have a heart to see people grow to become more like Jesus and a desire to foster that. We offer the resources needed for you to lead, with training and a network of other ConnectGroup Leaders to lean on. You can lead a Bible Study, a book study or a video study. 

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