If you visit The Vine for corporate celebration services or a ConnectGroup, you can expect a hospitable environment prepared for you. You’ll probably find someone just like you. You will see people wearing jeans or suits, but definitely more jeans than suits. You will see young and old. You will see people of different skin tones. You will find singles and families. You will see people who have loved God their whole lives and those who question the Christian faith. Come as you are (inside and out) and expect to be welcomed!


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Within the context of small group community, Engage groups will discover more about the mission and vision of The Vine Church, including what we believe, why we believe it, and how we live it out, learn what it means to abide in Jesus Christ and allow our identity to be determined by who He is and who He says that we are, and thrive in connection and community with others, allowing those relationships to point one another towards Jesus.

Engage is a group designed specifically for guests and non-members of The Vine Church who are new or relatively new and who are interested in learning more about The Vine Church, including membership, serving, and living a life that honors and gives glory to God. Click Here to sign up for the next Engage group!


You are welcome to worship with us, attend one of our ConnectGroups, or submit a question(s) to one of our pastors.

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CREATION: All people are created uniquely by God and matter to God

CONNECTION: The Church exists to reach those not connected to God through Jesus Christ

CULTURAL RELEVANCE: Relevance to and relationships with culture are essential

COMMUNION, CHARACTER, AND COMPASSION: Communion with God, character in life, and compassion for others are the results of a connection with God through Jesus Christ

COMMITMENT: Commitment to excellence in all we do

OUR MISSION:  "Making disciples making disciples"

OUR VISION:  "To connect the world to Jesus Christ so the world may experience true life and purposeful living."

OUR MANTRA: One 'Til Everyone

OUR DRIVE: Christ-Centered, Bible-Based, Prayer-Powered

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The history of The Vine began with the vision to reach the people of Braselton with the love of Jesus Christ. In 2001 David Walters, a 24-year-old youth pastor, discovered the Chateau Elan area of Braselton for the first time in his life. His in-laws moved into the community. At the time of their move, a gas station, a hotel, and the winery and resort area were the only visible structures of this area.

Yet, God began to speak to David’s heart about the need for a church presence in that area. While starting a church in that area was not a reality at the time for David, he contacted the appropriate leadership of the United Methodist North Georgia Conference. He told them that someone needed to start a church in that area. Those leaders began researching the area and made plans to start a church in the Chateau Élan community. In the meantime, David continued his work as a youth pastor and then an associated pastor at Snellville United Methodist Church. During that time he often made trips to visit his in-laws and each time he returned to the Chateau Elan area, the desire to start a church continued to grow within David’s heart.

In June of 2006, The North Georgia Conference to start a new church called The Vine Church near Chateau Elan. David and a household of people committed to the vision of this new church started a weekly Bible study at two host homes in Suwanee as they prepared for the launch of weekly worship services. The Vine Church hosted 3 preview opportunities prior to their Easter launch on April 8, 2007.  

Since launching, The Vine Church has grown to over 750+ in weekly worship attendance, and has seen hundreds profess faith in Jesus Christ along with getting baptized. On August 9, 2015, The Vine Church launched a second campus in Flowery Branch, GA.