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weekly announcements


Sunday, February 12th

Join us on next Sunday for our special guests across both campuses- Tommy Jones, Jason Tester, and Bruce Miller. You're invited to rep your favorite jersey or team gear as we celebrate the big game!

Invite someone to join you or share the link to our livestream at connecttothevine.org/watch


Wednesday, February 22nd

Join us for a special Ash Wednesday service as we kick off the Easter season. We will gather at our Chateau Elan campus at 7pm, and childcare will be provided.

Questions? Email questions@connecttothevine.org 


Sunday, February 26th

Kidzu will be challenging our 3rd-5th grade kids to level-up when it comes to their Bible skills, and will be gifting a Bible to each our 3rd-5th graders on Feb 26th during worship services! We will also be offering a Bible Skills 101 class lead by Pastor Andrew on the 26th at our CE campus from 4-5pm and March 1st from 7-8pm at our FB campus.

Let Kidzu know if your 3rd-5th grader will be in attendance that day by emailing kidzu@connecttothevine.org

consumed | week five

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Exodus 18:17-23 (ESV)

Hebrews 2:1-2 (NIV)

Teaching Notes:

What you consume will eventually consume you.

You are so focused on what you’ll lose, you haven’t considered what you’ll gain.

You don’t know what it will cost you if you don’t stop.

Is what I’m consuming helping or hindering the cause of Christ? 


Reflection Questions:

1. If you could ask Moses one question, what would it be? Why?

2. Why is the decision to stop doing things that aren’t good for us so difficult? What are some strategies to help with stopping?

3. What’s an example of something bad in your life that you’ve stopped? What did you gain by stopping it?

4. What are some things that you see in our culture that people refuse to stop despite what it is costing us? What would it take to stop those things?

5. What steps will you take to consume less of culture and more of Christ? What impact do you think that will make in your life and in the lives of those around you?