Because we were created in the image and likeness of God and because God is communal (3-in-1), we are designed to live and/or operate in community. We will never become the people God designed us to be or desires us to be alone or on our own. That’s why the desire to belong is a universal need. God placed it there. God’s also provided the solution for us, and it’s called the church.

As described in Acts 2, the earliest church gathered in two different ways, large group assembly (like Sunday mornings) and small groups in homes (like ConnectGroups). By the Holy Spirit’s leading, they were able to grow in their faith in both gatherings because both gatherings are needed. There are things that God can accomplish in circles of chairs in homes that God chooses not to accomplish in rows of chairs at a church facility. This was modeled by Jesus, who spent only about 20% of his time with large groups and 80% of time in small groups.

In the modern American church, only about 20% of Sunday morning attendees participate in a small group. In our church, it’s a much higher percentage but not as high as it should be. We pray for the day when 100% of our worship service attendees also attend a small group. Will you pray about being one of those who grows your faith in a ConnectGroup?

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lead a connect group

You don't have to be a Biblical scholar or a theologian to facilitate a ConnectGroup. You just need to have a heart to see people grow to become more like Jesus and a desire to foster that. We offer the resources needed for you to lead, with training and a network of other ConnectGroup Leaders to lean on. You can lead a Bible Study, a book study or a video study.

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host home

Being a "host home" does not require you to lead or facilitate a ConnectGroup. It only requires you to open up your home for 1.5-2 hours a week as a safe, comfortable place for others to gather. We simply ask four things of you: Have a heart for people, open up a place to meet, serve something to drink, and be hospitable to those in your home.