The Vine Church exists to connect people to Jesus so the world may experience true life and purposeful living. Choose This Day represents a 14-month campaign to fund the plan to move into God's preferred future for our church and our communities, including purchasing land and parking space at the Chateau Elan Campus and a building redesign at the Flowery Branch Campus. The building and design plans are largely dependent upon pledges of the people. We are asking everyone to prayerfully consider giving above-and-beyond their regular giving for the next 14 months. Each pledge moves us closer to reaching more people for Christ.

Hang tight while we prepare your form...

why choose This day?

We believe the most powerful ability God has given us is the power to choose.  It’s certainly the most prevalent ability we use.  Think about all the choices we make throughout the day.  They start the moment we hear the alarm clock in the morning and continue until we set the alarm clock at night.  If it’s the powerful and prevalent ability and one given to us by God, then it could be argued that the most spiritual thing we can do is choose.  We believe choosing to be in relationship with God is a spiritual decision.  We believe choosing to pray for The Vine Church’s future is a spiritual decision.  We believe choosing how we will invest in The Vine Church’s future is a spiritual decision.  In this season, it could very well be the most spiritual thing we do.

flowery branch building design

Check out the video below for a walkthrough of the proposed design for our Flowery Branch Campus! Included in the designs are an expanded cafe and lobby for people to hang out on Sunday mornings before and after service, an expanded Worship Center to create space for more people to worship together, and a designated area for Kidzu check-in and children's rooms so our Kidzu kids can connect and worship in a safe and fun environment.