InReach at The Vine Church consists of all of our Prayer Ministry Teams. We have people that are part of our Post-Service Prayer Team that are available at the end of every service to pray with you or celebrate what the Lord is already doing. 

Prophetic and Healing Prayer Nights are a time and place for you to come and simply receive encouragement from the Lord through the prayers of others or receive prayers for healing for anything specific that you want healing of. 

Our next Prophetic and Healing Night is Friday, March 6th, from 7-9pm.

In our Prophetic Encouragement Rooms, you will be receiving encouragement from the Lord as people are listening to the Lord on your behalf. Click on one of the links below to sign up for a 30 minute time slot in a Prophetic Encouragement Room:

Room 1  |  Room 2  |  Room 3  |  Room 4

In our Healing Rooms, people will be available to pray for any physical, spiritual, emotional or mental healing that you may want specific prayer for. Click on one the links below to sign up for a 20 minute time slot in a Healing Room:

Room 1  |  Room 2