The alarm goes off way too early. The busyness of the day hits you in the face before your feet even hit the floor. There may be kids to care for and to shuffle here and there. Bosses to make happy. Bills to pay. Groceries to shop for. Social events to attend. As our daily to-do list grows, our relationships often begin to suffer, including the most important one we have with Jesus. In this series, “Day to Day,” we’ll talk about the four biggest pressure points we feel in the midst of all the chaos of life and learn we can actually grow closer to God in spite of the daily grind.

Day To Day | Week 1:  Have you ever looked at your calendar and wanted to scream, “You’re not the boss of me”? But you knew that it was? In this week’s message, Pastor Andrew will share practical ways we can regain control of that bossy calendar and create more room for the God things.

Day To Day | Week 2:  How we spend our money each month is a direct reflection of our values and the things we value. But what if it’s not? Sometimes we just get off track. In this week’s message, Pastor Gus offers sound Biblical advice on getting your budget back on track and making your money the useful tool it was meant to be.

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