As we look ahead to a brand new year, it's easy to find ourselves wondering what we're going to do this year. Is this the year that we will stick to the diet or exercise plan? Is this the year that we will get out of debt and build savings. Is this the year that we will mend broken relationships? Those are good questions but they're about what we will do. The better question is who we will become. Join us at the Vine Church this January as we discuss how doing new things comes natural when you become a new you. 

New You | Week 1: The place to begin building a new you isn't your body, budget, or bucket list. In this powerful message, Pastor David explains that becoming a new you begins with a new heart.

New You | Week 2: Henry Ford famously said, "Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right." What we think matters. In this message, Pastor David explains how we can be transformed by the renewing our minds. 

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