Engage | Week 1:  We long to be better, to accomplish more and to try new things. The gap between who we are and who we were made to be fills our resolutions at the beginning of each new year. But we find out quickly that on our own, our resolve to better ourselves is weak at best. In this first week of the new series, Engage, we’ll learn how engaging in authentic Christ-centered community will not only strengthen our transformation to our better selves, it will help us better see who God made us to be. 

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Engage | Week 2:  Being seen, known and loved is something all people long for. This happens ina Christ-centered community. Discovering the Kingdom of God is another thingthat happens when community is Christ-centered. In this second message of the series “Engage,” we will take the mystery out of what the Kingdom of God is andhelp you identify ways you can live a Kingdom life.

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Engage | Week 3:  Life is busy with so many things. Staying connected to Christ can feel challengingat times. You may wonder if you’re even living your life for Christ at all. Being ina Christ-centered community is a great way to shed light on how well you’re abiding in Jesus. In this third part of our series “Engage,” we’ll take a look atthree things that will empower you to abide in Christ in a more consistent way.

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