Our choices matter. A lot. In fact, the Bible says that we have the power to choose life and death. That's a lot of power! So how do we know if our choices are going to be life-giving or life-taking? In this series, we will discuss how to determine where your decisions are leading you. Here's a hint: choices made by fear, kill God's dreams for you. But choices made by faith, lead you into God's preferred future and the abundant life you were created to live.

Choose This Day | Week 1: We make choices from the moment we wake up until the time we close our eyes at night. In this message, Pastor David explains that we must be aware of what is influencing all of those choices so that we can be people who choose to seek God's presence and go where He goes.
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Choose This Day | Week 2: Stepping into God's preferred future can feel scary because there are so many unknowns. Although we may not always know where we are going, we do know who goes with us. In this message, Pastor David teaches that the best predictor of God's preferred future is God's past performance.
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