Few things can compare to the nostalgia of Christmas carols. Whether it is watching a movie containing a Christmas carol, stopping by a neighbor's home to carol, or singing them in church. Christmas carols offer us a break from the busiest season of the year to refocus on the most important season of the year.

Join us at The Vine Church on Sundays in December and on Christmas Eve for "The Carols of Christmas." During this series you will gain a deeper understanding of familiar carols and the message of Christmas.

The Carols of Christmas | Week 1: In this message, Pastor David kicks off a brand new series focused on songs that tell the story of Christmas. The first song that we discuss is "Joy to the World."
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The Carols of Christmas | Week 2: This week we continue learning from carols as we focus on "The First Noel." This message will help us recognize that singing allows us to praise God and proclaim God's glory.
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