Chateau Elan Campus

Kidzu is excited to offer you a new and improved Kidzu at home experience. This month your worship experience will include several familiar faces. We have also put together a Kidzu at home bundle! The bundle includes weekly activities, an interactive Large group activity, daily God Time, and more!  Reserve your bundle today!

Preschool Worship

People of all ages experience circumstances that leave us looking for someone who can help—someone who’s got our back and can help carry the load. This month, we want to begin teaching preschoolers that God is the best Someone for the job. No matter what our situation or how uncertain our circumstances may be, we can know that God is with us wherever we go, and God’s got it. 

This kind of trust in God is what allows us to Sing in the Rain.

There’s always a chance of rain in our lives or in the lives of our preschoolers. Many of us have already come through some pretty big rainstorms. Some of us are in them right now. That is why it is our sincere prayer that during this month we and our preschoolers will begin to trust that God’s got it. This kind of trust in God is what will give you and me and our preschoolers

the power to sing in the rain—no matter what that rain might be.


Elementary Worship

Since the very beginning, not only has God has been true to His word but He’s been faithful in His character. Because we know that God is good, we can live life with integrity. When Jesus lived on earth, He lived a perfect life that we are unable to live. Through His Spirit, we canbecomepeopleofintegrity.Whoweareinprivate should match who we are in public. When we trust in God, we can be truthful in whatever we say and do.