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weekly announcements


August 4th

Our next opportunity for baptism will be August 4th. If you are interested or have any questions, fill out the form at connecttothevine.org/baptism to schedule a meeting with your campus pastor. 

Learn more and sign up by July 21st at connecttothevine.org/baptism


Friday, July 19th

The Vine is excited to offer Parents Night Out, an event for special needs families in our church and community! This event will consist of games, crafts, and dinner. We welcome kids (12 and under) and their siblings (12 and under) to join us while their parents enjoy a night out. 

Let us know you're coming by July 15th at connecttothevine.org/night-out


Jesus came not to be served, but to serve. If you are interested in serving one another at any of our campuses, we would be honored to have you on one of our serve teams! 

Check out our serve opportunities and sign up to serve at connecttothevine.org/connect/serve

magnified: The life of david | Week three

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Scripture (ESV):

1 Samuel 16:17-21a

Psalm 22:1-3

Psalm 23:1-4

Psalm 139:13-16

Teaching Notes:

- David’s poetry points us to God’s presence.

- We can bravely step into our unknown future because our known God is with us.

- You can discover your purpose by pressing into God’s presence.


Reflection Questions:

1. Why do you think our culture struggles to envision men who are both warriors and poets?  

2. Why is it important to recognize that our words carry a lot of weight? How are you intentionally using your words to advance God’s Kingdom?  

3. How often do you spend time intentionally pursuing God’s presence each week? How could reflecting on the Psalms help you pursue God’s presence?

4. When you think about the future with all of its challenges, do you envision God with you as you face those challenges? How can you learn to picture God’s presence in your future?

5. What purpose do you think God has for you in this season? How can you more fully live into it?

Recommended Reading Plan This Week:

Sunday – Psalm 5

Monday – Psalm 12

Tuesday – Psalm 24

Wednesday – Psalm 34

Thursday – Psalm 51

Friday – Psalm 103

Saturday – Psalm 139