Include an encouraging word, note of affirmation and a Bible verse with these ideas!


1. Dollar Bill Giveaway

Leave a $1 bill with a short note like “Have a great day!” in the $1 section at Target.

2. Mail Carriers

Leave a cold bottle of water or sports drink in your mailbox for mail carriers.

3. Bless Your Servers

Serve those who serve you at restaurants, coffee shops, hairdressers, etc by blessing them with an extra generous tip.

4. Soft Drink or Bottled Water Giveaway

Grab a big cooler, a few bags of ice, several cases of soft drinks or bottled water, and set up on any street corner. Include cards that simply say: "You looked thirsty!" The card can include a light tease about God's living water, a drink that will never leave you thirsty.

5. Early Morning or Cold Day Coffee Giveaways

Use either Igloo containers or air pump thermoses and offer regular, decaf or hot chocolate.

6. Popcorn Giveaway

The Vine has a small carnival style popcorn machine and popcorn that is available and ready to start popping!  

7. Trash Pick-Up At A Local Event

Check with event coordinators, buy garbage bags, wear matching T-shirts and plastic gloves, and bring a sign to put up that says, “Kindness in Progress” while you pick up trash.

8. Stamps in Front of the Post Office on Tax Day!

Give out stamps, and also offer coffee and donuts— stress recovery food. Volunteers stand by the mail drop-off boxes with a card table filled with food and stamps.

9. Gatorade at Athletic Trail or Neighborhood Park

Some health-conscious folks like runners, bikers, and other people don't drink soda at all. Set up at along a bike trail, athletic field, or hiking trail and offer Gatorade or bottled water to exercisers.


10. Garbage Can Return from Street

This is a project you could do for an entire street each week. Usually garbage pick up is done early in the morning—be the first one out. Return the cans to a place near each person’s garage (but do it quietly!).

11. Flowers

Tulip (or other) Bulbs, Fresh Flowers, Small flowering plants in garden section or small packets of flower seeds

Deliver to neighbors or co-workers with a note celebrating spring.