We encourage you to use this page as a helpful resource throughout the Ruach message series. Each week, you will find daily scripture reading, prayer focus, an incredible worship music playlist, information on fasting, and other valuable resources.  

DAY 1 | Acts 24:1-27

DAY 2 | Acts 25:1-26:23

DAY 3 | Acts 26:24-32

DAY 4 | Acts 27:1-44

DAY 5 | Acts 28:1-31

Fast Wednesday breakfast, lunch and dinner. If Wednesday does not work because it's Thanksgiving week, fast Monday or Tuesday.

Worship and pray that the Holy Spirit gives you opportunities to express your spiritual giftedness.

As you grow in your understanding of and relationship with the Holy Spirit, you will be led to take steps of faith. We want to hear about those steps of faith! That’s why we’ve created the email address mystory@connecttothevine.org. Please send us your stories of encountering, obeying, and/or sharing about the Holy Spirit.